#002 | May 29, 2017 – What do you want?

Hello, everyone. Today is May 29, 2017. My name is Sam Song and Welcome to the Beautiful Future Podcast.

On the last episode, which in fact was the first episode, I shared how my overthink kept me stuck from actually recording that episode. I mean it took me about two weeks? Maybe a little more to get the first episode out.

You know I shared a little about how I got caught up and distracted by all the wrong metrics and even the best practices I learned online really slowed me down. And now that’s behind us, let’s move on. Let’s keep exploring.

We closed out the last episode with a simple contemplative exercise where I guided you through a visualization of what your beautiful future could be. I know for some of you, it may have been to meditative or too contemplative, but actually, it’s pretty good exercise to do regularly.

If you haven’t done so already, stop this episode right now, go back to episode #001 and run through the exercise yourself. Don’t worry, I’ll wait right here.

Hey welcome back to those who went back to episode #001 to do the exercise and here you are back again. And for those that feel like, eh, I don’t need it, that’s fine as well, because we can just continue along.

So that visualization exercise of what the beautiful future could be, I do that pretty regularly. Probably about once a month. I try not to linger there too long.

I have this thing I do, where I spend 10% of my energy thinking about the future, 10% of my energy remembering my past, but 80% of my energy usually just focused on the here and now.

But this exercise is really helpful because it gives me just enough hope to keep motivated, to keep pursuing that beautiful future.

And my hope is that as you continue to visualize and think about what the future could be, it too will keep you going.

For the next series of episodes, I felt like I needed to share with you a tool I created called “The Four Seasons”. It was inspired by Joseph’s Campbell Hero’s Journey. Back in the days when I was in film school at San Diego State University, I took a whole semester studying this Hero’s journey.

And as I reflected back on my life, and in the last seven years, there has been ups and downs. I have transformed over and over and over again. I mean the man I was in high school. The man I was in college. The man I was as a young adult. The man I was as a filmmaker. The man I became as a Pastor. The man I became as a husband and a father. The man I became as an entrepreneur. And now the man who is here making this podcast, the thing that I noticed was that I kept leveling up. I kept becoming a better version of myself.

And this cycle always begins with the sense of discontent. Some would call it the small whisper or the calling or this thing in the world that you really desire. Whether it’s a desire for yourself, a desire for others, or a desire you want to see for the world, it always starts with this kind of itch. This dream that continues to slowly percolate in your soul.

And that is what I call Winter.

So if you want to imagine with me, imagine a clock. There is 12 o’clock up top and 6 o’clock at the bottom. And so from 12-3, that quadrant is called Winter. From 3-6, that quadrant will be called Spring. From 6-9, that quadrant is called Summer, and from 9-12, would be the quadrant I call Fall.

And so right now, I am in the middle of Winter. Where I feel like there is this thing that needs to be brought forth into the world. And usually, when I do this, in the Cohorts and Coaching that I do, the simple question is

“What is it that you want?”.

For some, this may really feel like, you just want to be inspired, you want to, you feel like there is definitely something more, and you just wonder what that thing is.

But it always begins with this simple question.

“What is it that you want? What are you looking for?”

And so, spend the next few days thinking about that. And I would love to hear, “what it is that you want?”.

I would love to be apart of your journey. Maybe I might be one step ahead or I maybe one step behind, but I believe that we can journey together as we really begin to explore what the beautiful future could be.

And so thanks for listening. Subscribe if you haven’t done so already. Or you can visit, thebeautifulfuture.com to find out more about our journey together.

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